I never thought that the 8th month of my pregnancy would be a time for high fashion. The most outre looks are not usually created for my bulbous silhouette. Even though I’m itching to refresh my wardrobe, I don’t want to buy loads of new stuff, given that I’m due to give birth in three weeks. However, I’ve recently discovered Wear the Walk, a new company who I’ve been collaborating with. The brain child of Zoe Partridge, Wear the Walk rents out clothes from dynamic emerging designers. I’ve always been a fan of fresh new talent, which London has in abundant supply. This coat by MINNANHUI is a great example of something that I would love to wear to Fashion Week, but probably wouldn’t buy because of it’s extreme flamboyance. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I’ve spent my life perpetually overdressed. I love the exaggerated lines and beautiful print and it’s nice to wear something that is not all about my ever expanding bump. However, even I would concede that this is not the kind of thing one might wear to an NCT breast feeding class.

Renting clothes is a great idea in terms of sustainability and saving money on bold things that might only be worn once or twice. However most rental companies are somewhat bland in their collections. Wear the Walk has original, dynamic pieces that can’t be found on the high street or even in high end boutiques. I’ll definitely be revisiting Wear the Walk.

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