Although I’m loving Summer’s last hurrah, I’m quite excited for the new season to set in. There’s something so refreshing and romantic about a chill in the air and the scent of bonfires. I guess my fondness for Autumn is a remnant of some dimly recalled excitement at the beginning of the school year, the smell of fresh books and the promise of a new start. Seasonal sentimentally set aside, the reality of nights drawing in isn’t great for my mental health and my mood drops a few notches when it starts to get dark earlier. If I’m honest, what I get most excited about this season is fall fashion. Not that my look particularly changes throughout the year – I’ll still wear a floaty dress but I’ll also throw on a masculine coat and a chunky boot.

I usually think very carefully about what I buy and only choose things that I’ll wear frequently. However, I couldn’t resist these pink boots from Zara. They’re decidedly unpractical but they’re so vibrant that I find it impossible not to smile when I look at them. This Rixo dress on the other hand, I had been lusting after for a long time. It’s not exactly groundbreaking – for me a midi-length animal print frock is standard. However, I love the sleeves and the handkerchief hem and I know I’ll get heaps of wear from it because it will go with the the rest of my fall wardrobe; it’ll also work with a casual boot and a chunky jumper. I stumbled on this coat in a charity shop, I couldn’t believe my luck! It’s mint condition, original 60s and it was only £50; in a posh vintage shop it would go for at least £250. Vintage is still my first love but it usually takes a lot more effort and time to find amazing vintage clothes and now I’m a mum, I don’t often have the luxury of time. However, it’s always worth having a look in your local charity shops because there may be gems lurking on the rails, waiting to be discovered. I love to mix old and new, classic with contemporary; the best outfits are often a medley of high and low pieces that make up one great look.




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