This week has been a manic flurry of interviews and publicity for my book. Promo is very tiring and I’ve been neglecting my blog, so apologies for that.

Today marks the two year anniversary since Dad died; in some ways it seems as though it was a lifetime ago, but there are times when the memory feels fresh and raw; it could have happened yesterday. The anniversary has coincided with the publicity rounds and I’ve answered so many questions about Dad that he is very prevalent in my consciousness – not that he ever went away.

The book was an attempt to keep his memories in one place, thus preserving him forever. I’m glad I did this, but nothing can soften the cold, hard fact that he’s gone. That being said, I often feel like he’s just behind me; peeking over my shoulder, keeping watch over everything I do. I’m grateful to feel his presence.

There’s a quote from Hamlet, which often bubbles up in my mind and reminds me of Dad and the grieving process.

‘He was a man. Take him for all in all.
I shall not look upon his like again.’

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