This week I had planned to publish my usual content around mental health but in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, it feels inappropriate. Like millions of us, I’m constantly washing my hands and keeping the house scrupulously clean while listening to the news for any updates. I’m doing my best to keep my anxiety under control, but this situation is quite challenging for people managing underlying mental illnesses. It is pretty triggering and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is struggling with their anxiety while doing their upmost to remain calm and rational. At the moment, me and my family are staying reasonably well and I’m grateful.

I guess Covid 19 demonstrates how the systems we assume will support us are all in a delicate balance and can be toppled. It seems inevitable that the economy will be severely impacted and I worry for all the people whose livelihood will be affected, let alone those who have lost loved ones. However, I’m hoping that this will all be over soon. In the meantime, I’ll be doing my best to keep calm by focusing on the things I can change – like washing my hands and taking appropriate precautions.

I hope all my readers and doing ok, physically and mentally.



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