I have a body that’s custom build to be in Mad Men – small around the waist and bountiful elsewhere. My little waist is handy for vintage shopping, old fashioned tailoring works nicely for my body. Contemporary clothes often look rubbish on me – a typical high street dress is baggy on the waist and clings like a static shower curtain everywhere else.

I’m pleased as punch with this lingerie dress from Zara, it fits on the waist without making the rest of my body look like a shrink wrapped joint of pork. To avoid over exposure I’ve layered the Zara dress with my grandma’s sparkly waist coat, a vintage blazer and belt. I’ve slipped into my long leather boots from Kurt Geiger to add further coverage. The trouble with a curvy figure is that one can easily wander into Kardashian territory. Nothing wrong with that you might say but I find dressing in an overtly sexy way makes me feel self-conscious. However, once in a while it’s nice to peel of the my spangled layers and do my best Cindy Crawford impression. Unfortunately I’m a terrible klutz and I have a tendency to fall flat on my face whenever I try a super model walk which undermines the effect somewhat. None the less I have a good time trying.




30 seconds after this picture was taken I fell over. Ah well.

30 seconds after this picture was taken I fell over. Ah well.


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