Since my early 20’s I’ve been prone to regular outbreaks of angry red spots. The insidious pustules bloomed across my cheeks and forehead at times of stress or as a penance for partying into the wee small hours. Said stress was often relieved by nocturnal merry-making, which in turn was followed with hangovers and more stress. The cycle of flawed coping mechanisms and bad skin trundled on uninterrupted. However, with the passage of time I’ve curbed my wild ways. Rather than spending my evenings knocking back gin, I while away my days drinking litre upon litre of water and kale smoothies. I am not smug about my new status as a boring old fart. I may not being raising hell on the streets of Soho anymore, but I’ve transferred my flawed coping mechanisms to other, less liver corroding habits.  And yet, the wretched spots clung to my face with the mulish tenacity of barnacles gripping to the the hull of a rusty old barge.

Recently I was introduced to Eve Lom products. I should point out at this juncture that I’m not being sponsored by Eve Lom to review their line, but since using them I’ve noticed a profound difference to my skin. This range is by no means cheap – £85 for a 200ml pot of cleanser is a hefty spend so far as I’m concerned. However, using this gentle, aromatic cleansing balm has improved my complexion exponentially. To demonstrate the improvement, I’m not wearing foundation in the pictures below. I did apply a dab Hyaluronic Blush from By Terry to my cheeks and lips to add colour to my vampiric-pale complexion. I’ve also worn a cheeky coat of Full Fat Lashes mascara by Charlotte Tilbury. In most of the pictures I feature on this blog I’m caked in makeup and spend ages photo-shopping out my blemishes.

I usually shy away from recommending products, especially ones that are so expensive. However, I’ve tried dozens of skin care treatments, creams, lotions and cleansers in an attempt to resolve my teenage skin complaints. Eve Lom cleanser is the only thing to have made a significant improvement. It has a rich, luxuriant texture and you only need to use a pea sized amount every cleanse so I’m sure it will last for ages. Whether I shall remain un-speckled in the long term remains to be seen, but in the mean time Eve Lom has cleared up my face treat.  IMG_8397 IMG_8398IMG_8391

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