There’s a rather drab uniform that fashion folk are currently wearing – a long black duster coat, a plain t-shirt, a pair of chunky 90’s inspired shoes and a massive Guy Fawkes hat and bug-eyed Willy Wonka sunglasses. It’s a mutation of the Normcore trend, but with added attention grabbing accessories, because fashion people can only blend in so much before they feel the need to make an ostentatious statement. I can get on board with the long coat, sunnies and whopping great hat, but I’ll only tow the line so far. This hat is from Topshop and sunglasses are from Karen Walker.

It’s not that I especially want the attention, but to dress in uniform is an alien concept to me and I’m too long in the tooth to start now. I never wore a uniform at school and whenever I’ve done a job that requires a uniform I’ve got into trouble for not quite adhering to the rules. This leopard pattern dress is by Antipodium which I picked it up last year, my wrap is a vintage find that cost me a fiver on Ebay and my long boots are from Kurt Geiger.

IMG_3054 IMG_3101 IMG_3027 IMG_3097 IMG_3005 IMG_2999 IMG_2996


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