I woke up this morning and scrabbled to turn on the TV, only to learn the news that the UK has voted to leave the European Union. I then opened my laptop and flicked through my Facebook feed, there was not one post celebrating the result. Everyone is dismayed, disappointed and very concerned about the future. I feel proud of my circle of friends, family and acquaintances; I believe that we are right and the UK has made a terrible mistake. However, it illustrates how polarised the nation has become.

The Brexit campaign was run on fear, and faulty, misleading information. Boris Johnson rode around on a big red bus stating that we give £350 million to the EU every week – this figure has been widely debunked. Boris and Nigel Farage stirred up xenophobic sentiment amongst the most deprived communities in the country, exploiting their worst fears about immigration . The Brexiteers implied that boats full of refugees were on the brink of flooding their communities. But leaving the EU will not stop immigration from the Middle East or Africa. I find it incredible that Britain took Farage and Johnson seriously.

The balance of power is now likely to go to the right wing of the Tory party. The poorer, disadvantaged parts of the nation who voted to ‘take the country back’ will be worse off than they were previously. The likes of Borris Johnson and Michael Gove will not take care of the UK’s poor.

I’m saddened and worried about the state of our country; we’ve been led down a destructive path via the exploitation of fear and loathing. I’d like to emphasise to my readers from Europe, the US and other countries around the world that many of us did not support this decision and we are horrified by the result.

This being said, what’s done is done and we Brits have no choice but to carry on. We must prepare for some dark times ahead and do all we can uphold our intrinsic values of tolerance, enlightenment and justice. It is essential that we continue to embrace the multiculturalism and diversity that has enriched our country and made us great.

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