I’ve just come back from a holiday in Corfu and I took a little break from blogging. Although I’m hoping we’ll get a few more weeks of the summer sun before the mercury plummets, I’m excited about the new season and the clothes that will soon be hitting the shops. I always keep an eye on the current trends, even if I don’t buy into them. I used to eagerly follow the key designers and I would replicate their looks with vintage pieces, mostly found on Ebay, along with a few random bits I’d unearth in charity shops. I wanted to look current but I hated having things that everyone else was wearing. My outfits didn’t always work and I made a fair few sartorial gaffs – but I had fun experimenting. I believe the way to nail down your personal style is to play around with different looks and figure out what makes you confident and comfortable. There are certain styles I will always return to, regardless of whether they are en vogue. The 1970s continue to be a source of inspiration that connotes a feeling of Bohemian romance that appeals to me. The clothes are polished but relaxed; there’s nothing constrictive or uncomfortable about that era. Once again, the 70s will be a big trend come fall, with Heidi Slimane’s collection at Celine leading the charge. I’m not usually a fan of Slimane but AW19 was glorious.

I plan my purchases very carefully, scrutinising what I already have and analysing how a new item will fit with my look. After a long deliberation, I bought this co-ord from Ganni because I knew that it would work with the rest of my autumn clothes. It will fit in with the 70s vibe and look great with chunky knitwear and boots, as well being handy for the final days of summer, worn with tan sandals. Amongst all the shades of tan, brown and camel that I’ll be wearing, there’s a new trend for fuchsia and scarlet. I don’t have much in bright pink and red and I’ve been drawn to some vibrant new pieces, just looking at them makes me smile. As ever, I’ll have a long think about whether they will actually work with what I already have. Sometimes I ponder on things for too long and miss the boat, but I think it’s better to give something due consideration rather than wasting money on stuff that I won’t wear. We also know that over-consuming fashion is disastrous for the environment; it’s incumbent on all of us to be conscious about what and how often we buy new clothes. I think it’s useful to look at one’s wardrobe to see what is already there because, chances are, there may well be a few pieces that can be updated with an additional accessory, or even altered to look more contemporary.

I give my clothes so much thought because what I wear profoundly affects my mood. I don’t want to waste time and money on anything that doesn’t make me feel great or that won’t last. Really thinking about your own personal style means that you don’t get overwhelmed with all the new stuff that comes out every season because you can ignore the things that won’t suit you or don’t fit in with your life. It’s easy to feel like you should follow the new season trends and the fashion industry continually puts pressure on us to be constantly buying new stuff. I suggest buying carefully and less frequently, but also choosing clothing that will lift your mood.

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