There’s a prevailing look amongst women who work in fashion right now, which consists of loose three-quarter length black trousers, a baggy T or roll neck sweater, a black duster coat and a pair of box-fresh Stan Smith trainers. It’s a combination of normcore and the late, great Louise Wilson. The look is certainly chic, and on the right person it’s lovely. However, I am not that person. I’m too tall, pale and broad shouldered to wear something so androgynous and monochrome; I’d look like a cross between a crow and a judge.

My clothes have to be feminine to work on my body. I used to be able to get away with ruffles and saccharine colours, but now my look is womanly as opposed to girly. I recently bought a few shamelessly pretty pieces online, but I sent them all back in disgust, because they made me look like an overgrown toddler.

I’ve been a fan of The Reformation for a while now; they make very pretty, grown-up clothes that are feminine, whilst maintaining a little edge. I like this dress because the low neckline has a touch of Jennifer Lopez circa 2000, whilst the rest of it looks like something you’d wear to a vicar’s tea-party. All good things in my book. I’ve paired it with a pair of high wedged espadrilles from Vince Camuto.



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