One day, I will learn to pose for this blog without looking like a catalogue model. I follow lots of fashion bloggers who manage to pose with effortless nonchalance, casually going about their day looking fabulous. I look at my shots in comparison and feel that I look as stiff as a board. It’s easy to feel deflated when looking at other people’s social media accounts; everyone seems to be living wonderful lives, with successful careers and fulfilling relationships with their beautiful families. I’ve also been guilty of only showing a tiny section of my life on social media. I assume that people don’t want to see photos of me at my worst and I don’t feel comfortable sharing those moments anyway. I have a lot of respect for people who do show their whole selves to the world, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that.

I’m learning to consume social media healthily, I find the key to this is to unfollow anyone who makes you feel inferior. Take note of your feelings after a scroll through Instagram; if the photos makes you feel fat, boring, unsuccessful and unworthy, you’re probably following the wrong accounts. It’s important remember that people who look like they’re on top of the world will be struggling with their own demons and the curated, public version of their life is never the whole story. I don’t think we should get mad at those presenting a misleading image of themselves because we all do it, in some shape or form. If you spend enough time comparing yourself to others, you will inevitably come up short.

The people I follow now promote positive messages around mental health and body image. I also like to follow people who’s style I find inspiring. I’m heavily into leopard print and it’s all over my favourite accounts. Animal print is set to be a huge trend come fall, but I wear it all year round anyway. I picked up this little gem of a skirt from from Whistles, it’s nearly out of stock but they have some great tops in the same print.

Social media has become so inextricably bound with modern life, it’s pointless trying to ignore it. What we need to do is use it more constructively. Sometimes you can learn something from social media, for example, how not to pose like a bloody catalogue model.

My t-shirt and shoes are both old favourites from Topshop and Senso. Similar here and here.

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