My blog is fast becoming the ‘Rosa Wears Teatum Jones A/W14’ show, but there’s a tough, rather badass attitude to the TJ fall line that fits in nicely with my emotional state right now. The collection named ‘I cried all the way to Memphis’ was inspired by the Richard Avedon’s series of photographic portraits, ‘The American West’. Even though this dress is cut to classically feminine lines and the print is speckled with pretty shades of pink, there is grit and fortitude woven into the fabric. Wearing this dress combined with my well-loved ankle boots from Topshop and chunky silver necklace that my Dad bought me for my birthday many years ago, I feel equipped to ride the tide of grief that ripples and swells as the days slip by.

For me, fashion is often about wearing armour. Somehow if I’m dressed in clothes that make me happy, I’m galvanised to carry on and never surrender. It may sound trite and superficial, but it’s what works for me. This dress, combined with the statement necklace from my Dad, gives me a good dose of sartorial Dunkirk Spirit.

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