Now the beast from the east has mostly passed, I’m desperate to start wearing spring clothes. This last little stretch of winter is always tedious and I find myself glued to the weather forecast, hoping that the cold will ease off. I’m ashamed to say that I used to be a bit of a fashion victim, and I would start wearing spring clothes in February, regardless of how much I would freeze. People used to stop and stare at the ridiculous woman wearing chiffon in the snow. I’ve become a little more sensible with age and I don’t dispense with my heavy knitwear until it gets warmer. These days I look for things that work with boots and a coat while it’s cold, but will also be good with sandals when spring gets its act together. This dress from Ganni is perfect and it can be thrown in the washing machine, another must for anyone with a 9 month old baby. My boots are by Hudson (similar here).



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