My son is now a year old and we’ve all settled into a routine which functions well – most of  the time. Of course we have days where everything goes a bit wrong, but I’ve learnt to accept that this is an inevitable part of being a parent. He generally sleeps well but often wakes up really early. I’m finding that a year of periodically interrupted sleep, combined with mornings that sometimes start at 4.30am, can play havoc with my mental health.

The truth is that night after night of poor sleep puts strain on anyone, but this is particularly challenging if you have bipolar. I’m ok most of the time, but I’m aware that I’m vulnerable and I have to exercise fastidious self-care in order the stay well. I don’t want to put anyone off having children as having a baby was one of the best choices I have made. Nonetheless, being a parent can be tough and I think it would be better if people were a little more honest about this.

When I’m managing the symptoms of bipolar I find myself dressing in clothes that counterbalance how I’m feeling. Floral prints have always made me feel happier, and this top and skirt from Ganni have a soothing effect on my mood. It probably sounds trite, but I find it helpful. My shoes are from Castañer.


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