My style is carefully chosen via a process of trial and error. I should add that the errors have been pretty spectacular. I went through a phase of wearing bright, lurid clashing colours. One of my favourite outfits featured a sculptural, lime green dress from AQ/AQ (formally known as Aqua), a pair of hot-pink tights and blue plastic shoes with a red bow at the toe, by Vivienne Westwood for Melissa. To top it off I had a hairdresser friend tease my hair in a Lady Gaga inspired bow on the top of my head. I was going out to a gay club, so my look was appropriate for the setting. I wince when I think of that get-up, but I felt great at the time, and that’s what counts.

Although I feel confident that I know what suits me, I still like to try new shapes and proportions. I picked up this top by Suno on The Outnet, it’s a departure from the style I usually go for. However, my old-faithful pleated skirt makes me feel comfortable.

My skirt is from Topshop (similar here) and my shoes are by Sophia Webster (similar here).

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