Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd | Ep. 78 May 1st 2019

I was thrilled and honoured to go on Griefcast, which won podcast of the year in 2018. Cariad and I talked about clocks falling on heads, my dad’s last words to me and how grief can impact mental health. We also spoke about how dad and I repaired our relationship by going to therapy together. By the time he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, we were as very close and completely comfortable with one another. It made supporting him in his final years easier because we had no unspoken resentments or unfinished business. I’d love to hear your experiences, head to my Instagram for honest and supportive chats about grief and loss.


BUILD’s Mental Health Discussion Special

Here I am on a panel with Nick Ede and James Dunmore talking about grief and mental health, on behalf of Grief Encounter, an amazing charity that provides free bereavement counselling to children and young people. I know how grief affected me at the age of 30, I can only imagine how the loss of a close family member would impact a child. I was so happy to have the opportunity to raise awareness of this brilliant and vital charity.


Bob Hoskins’ Daughter Rosa on Remembering Her Father | Lorraine

In 2016 my book, It’s all going Wonderfully Well, was published by Penguin Random House. Here I am talking to Lorraine Kelly about why I started interviewing my dad during his final years. I explain how the book eventually became as much about the grieving process, as the story of his life. You can buy the book here.


Scent and the Mind with Kayla Jacobs| October 9th 2018

Here I talk to the fabulous Kayla Jacobs, who is a writer and journalist. Her blog, Scent and the Mind, explores the intersection of olfaction and wellness. Kayla and I met at a wedding and got on like a house on fire and we’ve been friends since. We both lost our dads early in our lives and we discuss grief, mental health and what scents remind us of the past. Kayla and I are both in ‘the club’, I think that’s partly why we became friends so quickly.  Have you ever bonded with someone over a common loss? I’d love to hear about your experiences; lets chat on my Instagram.


Almost Famous with Barnaby Slater| January 17th 2020

2020 started off with me speaking with writer and presenter, Barnaby Slater. Barnaby himself grew up with famous parents and the podcast explores the peculiarity of being raised in close proximity to fame. We talk about fame, success, mental health, the grieving process and remembering a loved one accurately, after they have died.

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