My husband and I usually shoot in the streets around our house. Our neighbours are having their roof fixed so there were 10 builders lined up along the scaffolding, staring at me as I posed for today’s post. We often attract curious looks from people passing by, but it’s unusual to have a larger, stationary audience. Someone with a more appropriate amount of shame might have felt embarrassed, but it takes more than that too make me blush. I’m so clumsy that I humiliate myself on a near daily basis, so a bunch of builders thinking I’m a poser doesn’t bother me one bit.

I’m glad that summer seems to have finally got it’s act together, partly because I like to wear pale colours in warm weather. I feel that wearing light shades on a soggy, overcast day looks a little incongruous.

The top and coat are from Zara (similar here and here), the skirt is an old find from Cédric Chalier (similar here) and the shoes are by Senso.

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