I went to a school with no uniform, one might have thought that this would have cultivated sartorial creativity, but we all wore more or less the same thing. It was the late 90s/early 00s, and logos were king. Levis jeans, Nike trainers and sweatshirts emblazoned with Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein were highly sought after. Although only the kids from the wealthiest families could afford to wear them. I spent my teenage years feeling like I should conform, but I knew that crass logos were not for me.

I found my look when I discovered vintage and I spent many a happy hour rummaging around Camden and Portobello markets. The cool kids thought my enthusiasm for old clothes was weird, but I didn’t care. I never wanted to fit in with them anyway.

I’ve been looking for a vintage leopard print coat for years, I found this 50s number on Etsy. I like to wear leopard print with ochre and brown tones, I’ve styled the coat with an old dress and top from The Reformation, and boots from Topshop. The bag is from the brilliant Brenda Macleod; I love the retro vibe and I think it’s a perfect match for the coat. The gold jewellery is from Catherine Hills, another great brand that I’ve recently discovered.


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