This silver 70’s vintage jumpsuit is an old favourite of mine, I bought it on Ebay years ago and it’s served me well ever since. Me being me, I usually wear it during the day – I often get funny looks because it’s clearly meant to be worn in the evening, but it bothers me not. This spring/summer metallic’s will be a huge trend, which makes me feel rather smug as I’m already several steps ahead of the game. However, I once made the rookie mistake of pairing this jumpsuit with a braided up do – it was only when I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window reflection walking down the street that I realised I looked like Princess Leia; a man on the train asked if I was going to a fancy dress party. It wasn’t my best fashion moment.

Buying vintage is always a sound investment – no matter how ‘new’ a trend might appear it’s nearly always a reinvention of a previous idea. Just always be aware of the cultural implication of a vintage piece – accidental Star Wars costuming is never chic. The best way to wear vintage is to style it with modern pieces. I’ve paired my Leia/vintage jumpsuit with my navy coat from Acne, scarf from Weston and boots from Reiss.



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