I have a tendency to obsess over fashion which perhaps isn’t the most healthy thing to do, but I figure one could have more destructive vices. I’ve always thought that dressing in a way that pleases you can be helpful for mental health. I find that it not only improves my confidence, but allows me to face whatever the world has to throw at me with a little more bravery and stoicism. There have been times in the past when I’ve been really down and I’ve not had the energy or enthusiasm to pay attention to my appearance. This has always made me feel worse, and forcing myself to do my makeup and put on a half decent outfit improves my mood. It may only be by a few iota, but it’s an improvement nonetheless. This might seem shallow, but I think it’s important to find reasonably healthy coping mechanisms that work for you. If you’re living with a mental health condition and you find something that makes you feel better, providing your not engaging in destructive behaviour, you should do that particular thing without fear of reproach or judgement.

The summer has been glorious here in the UK, which is a very rare thing to say about the British climate. I’m not wishing the sunshine away, but I’m becoming excited about the prospect of the AW18 trends. While I love the ease of flinging on a summer dress with a pair of espadrilles and walking out the door, I’m also very fond of Autumnal clothes. This fall I’m looking forward to wearing shades of brown, rusty orange and red and leopard print with the odd splash of classic cream. What’s nice about this look is that it works now with tan sandals and bare legs, but will also look great with boots and a coat when the weather cools. Here are a few of the items I’ve been lusting after.






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