Today, my book is being published and I can’t believe it’s finally happening. There were days when it felt as though the work would never end, and others when it was a pure delight. Visiting my Dad’s friends and colleagues was were highlights of the project; listening to their stories gave me an insight that I would never have been privy to otherwise.


I was in a film shown on The One Show, talking about what it was like to grow up with Dad.

On April 29th it will be two years since Dad died; the grieving process has taken it’s course and I’ve started to recover. However, I’ve realised that you don’t ‘get over’ or ‘move on’ from the death of a loved one. The jagged edges of the pain are blunted with time and, eventually, the void becomes tolerable. However, moving on is impossible because you carry their memory with you every day. But there’s comfort in that; they are never forgotten as long as you remember them and the love you shared.

Although Dad’s journey was unique and extraordinary, the experience of grief is universal. I hope that It’s All Going Wonderfully Well will provide a little solace to those who’ve suffered a bereavement. You are not alone, and things will get easier with time.

It's All Going Wonderfully Well


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