Social media has exponentially changed our lives forever. From how we work to how we dress, the ability to share where we are and what we’re doing at any given moment has caused a seismic cultural shift. The fact that Facebook and its contemporaries, has seeped so deeply into the public consciousness isn’t news, the tactics we employ to deal with it are.  Perhaps the most practical impingement of social media is in what we choose to wear.  As much as I hate to admit it, I’m loathed to be seen wearing the same thing twice.  I’m not proud to admit it, but it’s the truth (and I dare say it’s true for a lot of other people, they just not as shamelessly frank as I am). This gets tricky when the flurry of weddings and summer events fill up my diary.  Of course if you have an unlimited budget, then buying a new outfit for every occasion isn’t a problem, but the rest of us have to think a little more imaginatively about event style. This is where I’ve made a rather brilliant discovery; Girl Meets Dress is a great online cocktail dress hire service and is a canny way to look fabulous at every event, save cash and not repeat a look.  That’s a win in my book.

CARVEN - Self-Tie Floral Dress

CARVEN – Self-Tie Floral Dress
HIRE : £49 – (Retail: £261).

CHRISTOPHER KANE - Lemon Bloom Dress

CHRISTOPHER KANE – Lemon Bloom Dress
HIRE : £79 – (Retail: £755)

I try my best to never repeat an outfit; it may sound shallow, but as a fashion writer and stylist my look is an advert for my work. If I’m clacking around town in the same outfit day in, day out, it doesn’t reflect well on my abilities. That doesn’t mean that I’m continually buying new clothes or that I refuse to recycle my old ones, I just try to put my them together in different ways.  That’s all very well in my everyday routine, however, there comes a time when my fashion know-how and my budget both run out at the same time.  That’s where the genius of ball gowns to hire comes into it’s own.  Girl Meets Dress allows you to rent celebrity dresses, saving cash and making it possible to look the business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and you know, in real life.  Even better they’ll deliver to your office on the same day – such glorious modernity.  You can be ready for the weekend’s events at the click of a button.

NICOLE MILLER - Eva Lace Dress Black HIRE : £49 - (Retail: £300)

NICOLE MILLER – Eva Lace Dress Black
HIRE : £49 – (Retail: £300)

McQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN - Fire Knit Dress HIRE : £39 - (Retail: £270)

HIRE : £39 – (Retail: £270)

Dresses for wedding guests are a potential midfield of sartorial failure; if you hit the usual high street stores you run the risk of showing up in the same outfit as someone else.  With the huge variety of affordable fashion available this is a less likely pitfall, however there is the a very definite chance of wasting an whole lot of money on clothes that will be worn once, and live out the rest of their days languishing in the back of the wardrobe before they fulfil their eventual, and inevitable destiny to sadly clutter up the rails of the local charity shop.  By opting for ball gowns to hire you not only keep the bank manager happy, but you’re also kinder to the environment.  Wins all round.


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