I expected motherhood to change me profoundly and in many ways it has. My priorities have been altered forever, but I still feel like myself which is a relief as I was worried I’d lose my identity. I also was nervous about having children because I wasn’t sure that my professional life could continue. Balancing my time is certainly challenging but it’s important for my own mental wellbeing that I pursue my career. I know that if I’m not mentally healthy I’ll be no use to my son.  I’m lucky in that a lot of my work can be done at home and I have upmost respect for women who dash from childcare to the office and back again. The same applies to women who stay at home with the kids, as being a full-time mum is a really tough job.

Although my style has pretty much stayed the same, I’ve found myself drawn to more comfortable clothes that I can throw in the washing machine. This dress from Maje, which is currently on sale, ticks all the right boxes. I’ve slung over this coat by Iris and Ink, which is a little restrained for me, but it goes with pretty much everything and is a nice contrast to a diaphanous dress. My boots are from Kurt Geiger.

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