I didn’t have time to blog last week because I was performing a one woman show, 213 Thing About Me, at the Battersea Arts Centre. The show went really well but now I’m tired and on the cusp of developing a cold, which isĀ  why it’s been quiet in my little corner of the internet. I have a lot of content planned for the next couple of weeks but I’ll be keeping this post brief as that is as much as my poor old brain can manage. I feel a little guilty for not pushing myself harder, but it would not do for me to write extensively about mental health and not exercise self-care when necessary.

I’ve been really into Scandi brands recently and I love this dress by Stine Goya, a Danish designer I’ve recently discovered. I’ll be wearing the dress to summer weddings and christenings, but it also works well with an oversized denim jacket and espadrilles. I’m a sucker for a bold print and I love the peach tree design, but I also like the elegant sleeves and demure length.

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