I’ve often thought that fashion commentary inhibits personal style in the general populace. Shows like ‘Fashion Police’ or ‘Best/Worst Dressed’ columns in magazines stifle creativity. We worry about judgement or mockery and rarely stray outside the narrow perimeters of what is generally considered ‘Good Taste’ or just plane old ‘normal’. Rather than insult people who don’t fit the mould, we should encourage and celebrate unique flare. This metallic gold skirt from Topshop combined with a sheer blouse from Zara , which I’ve purposely layered over a dark bra, does not qualify as traditionally chic, but so what? I’m not suggesting that I’m particularly original, I know lots of folks whose style is far more outré and imaginative than my own. But I like gold lamé and underwear exposing sheer fabrics, and I don’t care what anyone might have to say.


My coat is from Whistles, it’s no longer available but there are similar ones here and here. My shoes are from Miista, again bought last year (similar here).  Here’s a blouse and skirt resembling the ones I’m wearing.

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