Being a mum demands that I comply with some form of practicality, but I’ve found myself resisting this at every opportunity. When I rock up to Sing and Sign class with my son I get a few funny looks as I’m inevitably wearing something most people would consider too dressy for the occasion. However I don’t think that one has to dress a certain way to qualify for motherhood. There’s so much judgement around having a baby, it seems that every decision is up for public scrutiny. Breast feeding, weaning, sleep training and going back to work are personal choices unique to every family. And yet everyone seems to have an opinion, sometimes it’s difficult not to be swayed by someone shoving in their two cents worth. I’ve tried to ignore the unsolicited advice and trust my instincts, although it’s not always easy. But no amount of quizzical looks will alter my style.

This dress from Georgia Hardinge’s SS18 collection is somewhat practical as it can be machine washed, which is a major plus at this point in my life. I’ve always been a fan Georgia’s clothes, but they are particularly handy for as they are not only gorgeous, but most of them can be thrown in the washing machine, do not need to be ironed and do not crease.


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