Before I had a baby I was an exacting perfectionist, which is a quality that can be as detrimental as it is productive. It compels one to work hard and strive for the best, but it can often turn inwards and become overly critical when things are, inevitably, not perfect. Having a baby has knocked the edges off my impossible standards, although I’m still a perfectionist at heart. However, it’s hard to sweat the small stuff when there is a little person in your life who needs so much energy, care and love. My husband always takes the photos for this blog and we take our son in with us. He sits in his pram, watching us slightly bemused and probably wondering what on earth his parents are up to. Just prior to shooting this look, I gave him a cuddle before putting him in his pram. He dribbled on my top, leaving a little mark right in the middle of my chest. In years gone by I would have scurried home to change, but I didn’t have the energy so decided to style it out. Having kids can be really challenging, but it puts stuff into perspective and I’ve learnt not to flap over the silly things that would have bothered me before.

I really like the combination of different shades of navy blue with black and gold. Following on from my posts about the over-consumption of fashion, I’ve tried to show how one can create contemporary looks with old clothes. This skirt is from Teatum Jones SS18 collection and I bought this jacket from Self Portrait 5 years ago, the top is from Rosemunde Copenhagen which is also really old. The belt is from Zara and the boots are from Kurt Geiger, bought last year but they’ve re-stocked them this season.


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