It’s an boring and unoriginal cliche, but Christmas has come round really quickly this year.  I’m well aware that I’m grumbling like a puritanical miserablist, but it seems that  saccharine TV commercials peddling tidings of comfort and joy appear on our screens way before the trees have shed their summer leaves.

Despite my dismay at festive advertising shooting its load too early, I’m actually rather fond of Christmas. Hanging out with my family, cooking, decorating the house with twinkling lights are activities that make me very happy indeed.  Added to that is the pleasure of getting to dress up for parties; any excuse for a fancy frock and a cocktail.

What I don’t so enjoy so much about christmas dressing how homogenised the ‘Christmas party look’ has become. The afore mentioned cursed festive adverts tells you all you need to know about what clothes women are expected to wear in december; the options are slutty and sparkly or frumpy and sparkly. Alas,  variety and originality are sparse.

As a self confessed rebel without a cause, I tend to veer away from the tried and tested path and break the rules, just ’cause I can. In order to stand out one should always be different and in this instance that involves resisting the tawdry thrills of clingy, sequin mini dresses and allowing oneself to be seduced by the shadowy darkness of winter florals – an altogether more refined party option. Plus, floral prints offer more bang for your buck after Christmas has been dismantled; dark florals look lovely paired with light jackets when spring thaws the winter frost.

Winter Florals

Clockwise from top-left to right: Top £240 by Calla from Avenue 32, earrings £25 from ASOS, dress £65 from Topshop, necklace £25 from River Island, dress by £204.75, by Acne from The Outnet, bag £75 from Miista, gold shoes from £45 from ASOS, kitten heels £225 from LK Bennet, black and gold shoes  by Jerome C. Rousseau £455, trousers £290 by Calla from Avenue 32.

There is a certain amount of pre-requisite sparkle that the season of good will demands, this can be achieved with jolly accessories that will also work hard through-out the year. This is how I’ll be styling it out during the festive season and well into the new year. By time Christmas actually arrives my icy heart will have melted and I too will succumb to the charms of  John Lewis’ Bear and Hare, but not a moment before.

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