In January this year I was asked to be a part of Teatum Jones‘ AW18 Global Womanhood collection. I was amongst a diverse group of 25 women of varying ages, ethnicities, social backgrounds and professions. We took part in a short film where we were asked three questions:

What has been the most intensely joyous moment of your life so far? 

What has been the most intensely sad moment of your life so far? 

What gives you hope for the future?

Being interviewed was an emotionally charged experience and I welled up as soon as I started speaking. The show in February was also deeply moving, as some of the global women sat together on the front row. A few of us started crying as the film was projected on a huge screen. Some of the models in the show were also in the film, and a few of them had tears flowing down their faces as they walked the runway. I’ve often thought that fashion has the potential to be meaningful and doesn’t have to be as flippant and vacuous as it is often portrayed. Although we all came from very different places, the global women were united by our common experiences of grief, joy and hope.

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones are inspired by human stories and every collection has nuance and significance woven into the exquisite fabric. This dress is from the AW18 collection and it is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever worn. When I wear it I feel confident and empowered but also slightly vulnerable, in a good way. I suppose it’s because wearing Teatum Jones is the meeting of interior truth with exterior expression. Rob and Catherine are friends of mine and their work is so authentic and heartfelt that I feel I take a part of them with me when I wear their clothes.

The industry has a long way to go in terms of promoting inclusion and diversity, but it is gradually changing for the better and Teatum Jones is leading the way.


You can pre-order this dress from the Teatum Jones website. My shoes are by River Island.

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