I’m a champion procrastinator, I’ve whiled away many an unproductive but happy hour watching videos on YouTube and browsing for vintage clothes on eBay. My favourite videos on Youtube either involve Honey Badgers, full grown men re-creating the conversations of a two-year-old or makeup tutorials.  The plethora of makeup tutorials on YouTube are somewhat hit and miss, however there are some that provide indispensable advice from veteran makeup artists who’ve honed their craft after years of working in the industry. In my opinion, the best ones are by Pixiwoo, Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury. The proliferation of  YouTube tutorials have fundamentally changed the way makeup brands market their products. No longer can brands rely on glossy adverts and pretty packaging to tempt customers to part with their hard earned cash – women want to see the products in action and the assurance of an experienced makeup artist that the products fulfil their lofty promises.

Charlotte Tilbury with Kate Moss at the launch of Tilbury's Makeup Launch.

Charlotte Tilbury with Kate Moss at the launch of Tilbury’s makeup line.

Charlotte Tilbury recently launched her own makeup line and a every product has a tutorial on her site to get professional advice on how to use it.  Tilbury’s made up every face in the industry including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Joan Smalls and Cara Delevingne, as well as the makeup artist behind the sumptuous Tom Ford beauty campaigns. It would be easy for Tilbury to rest on the laurels of her CV and expect that her products will do the talking for her. Shrewdly, she’s recognised that products accompanied with a tutorial is the way to the consumer’s heart. Tilbury’s tactic is certainly effective; when I visited the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges‘ beauty department the place was besieged with eager women wanting a pieces of the Tilbury action.

Tilbury's work for Tom Ford

Tilbury’s work for Tom Ford



Another clever marketing tactic is to divide the products up by looks; you can choose your favourite and go from there. I choose the Dolce Vita eyeshadow palate, which has beautiful colours that work for day and night. I also bought the Rock’n’Kohl pencil in Bedroom Black. The texture of these products are gorgeous, they glide on the skin like silk. Each look has an accompanying video where Charlotte shows you how the recreate each look.

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Now, the question is whether an enthusiastic novice like myself can re-create the Dolce Vita look?




I think the answer in my case is no – without the dextrous and expert hand  of a makeup artist, I found that precisely recreating this look is tricky. However, I was happy with the smokey look I created with my amateur hand. Tilbury’s products are beautiful and super easy to use – they don’t come cheap but their quality is justifies their cost. If you buy one product from this range I would recommend the Rock’n’Kohl pencil, it’s deliciously dark and doesn’t pull at the delicate skin around the eye.


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