I used to loathe my body and I wasted years feeling crappy about myself. I was very insecure about my pear-shaped, muscular figure; I went on ridiculous diets and slathered myself in fake tan, hoping it would make my legs look slimmer. At one point I was even considering a boob job; I’m glad I didn’t have surgery as I’m sure I’d regret it now. This dress from The Reformation wouldn’t work on someone with large breasts and having a smaller bust affords me more options. I’ve also accepted my whiter-shade-of-pale complexion, fake tan made me look nothing but orange.

When I was in my early to mid 20s, the media was obsessed with the size-zero trend, which was most unhelpful. Although the Kardashian ‘Klan’ have a lot of negative stuff to answer for, they’ve helped shift some of the focus away from a super-skinny, cadaverous aesthetic. Nonetheless, we women are under vast pressure to conform to a narrow standard of beauty, it’s often difficult to feel genuinely confident.

I’m still insecure but I try to focus on the positive and not squander my energy on things I can’t change. I think it’s better to aim for self-acceptance, as apposed than some spurious body-goal that’s unachievable.

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