The weather sometimes makes it difficult to take photos for this blog. You might think that rain and sleet would be the biggest obstacle, but there’s usually a pause in the shower when my husband and I can dash outside and shoot. The wind actually is the most annoying hinderance, blowing my skirt up around my ears, and not in a charming ‘Marilyn Monroe’ way. Exposing my bare arse to the neighbourhood isn’t the only thing the wind does to prevent us from getting a good shot; my hair flies every-which-way, my eyes steam and my carefully applied makeup ends up in streaks down my face. This dress from Topshop was a particularly unfortunate sartorial choice for a windy day. I love the flirty, fluttery skirt, but I came very close to accidentally flashing a group of children. I’m hoping that spring will get its act together soon and we’ll be able to take photos in peace.

My sandals are from Senso.


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