Last month, I gave birth to a baby boy who we named Charlie. He’s now 6 weeks old and I feel ready to start writing again. I’ve taken a longer hiatus than I intended, but I found during the last few weeks of pregnancy I was unable to concentrate on anything. Even composing a simple text message was challenging, let alone putting together a coherent sentence. I stumbled around in a bovine stupor, wondering if I’d ever be able to think again, let alone write. I feel clear headed now and it’s a blessed relief.

I’ve thought for some time that I’d like to alter the focus of my blog. While I still love fashion, I’ll be branching out into other subjects. This isn’t to say that I’ll be abandoning fashion related content. However, I feel that I might have something to contribute that would be of use to others, over and above reporting on the latest trends or the most flattering shade of lipstick.

When I wrote my book, I revealed some very personal memories of my dad and the grieving process. I had not set out to do this, but the project led me down that path and it felt right. Since the book was published, lots of people got in touch to say that reading my journey through grief and trauma was helpful. I suppose it’s comforting to know that no matter how great your pain may be, you are not alone. I certainly found solace in the reading personal stories of other people who suffered bereavement. Joan Didion’s ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’ and ‘Blue Nights’ were particularly consoling.

As I move forward with my blog, I will talk about my own issues with mental health, of which I have quite a few. Although it is lessening, there is still much shame and stigma around mental health, which inevitably compounds the problem. I know that half the battle of dealing with my mental health was combating the predisposed idea that I had no right to feel this way, that somehow my symptoms where a sign of weakness and self-indulgence. I now know that this attitude is as absurd as believing one has no right to sneeze when suffering from a cold.

The juxtaposition of fashion and mental health may seem strange, but I’ve often found that my mental state effects how I dress. To me, these somewhat disparate subjects make sense. My blogging may be a little irregular, depending on the demands of looking after Charlie, but I’ll aim to post at least once a week, if not more.

I’ll publish my first mental health related post later this week.

Rosa xxx

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