January is a tough month for a lot of people. No matter how hard one might try to stay positive, at this time of the year the odds are stacked against a having sunny disposition. I do my best to prepare myself and I find exercise and eating well to be useful combatants against gloomy January. However, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, annual melancholy slips beneath your skin. It’s particularly difficult if you have underlining mental health issues. My old negative thought patterns take grip and I find myself in a downwards spiral. Then I get cross for allowing myself to be affected by something so transient as a month in the year. But sometimes it’s better to accept that January is just crappy and you might as well surrender rather than struggle against it. There’s comfort to be found in the knowledge that it’s horrid for lots of people. No matter what you’re dealing with, chances are, you’re not alone.

I find that dressing cheerfully helps, I know it’s a touch shallow and it doesn’t change anything fundamental, but it’s always lifted my mood. This dress, from Teatum Jones’ Pre SS18 collection, is a good day brightener. I love the cinched waist and pleated skirt, the shot of bright red reminds me that spring is not so far away.

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