A few nights ago, my husband and I were sitting in the garden trying to stay cool in the sweltering, oppressive heat that London has been subject to recently. As we drank cider under the iron sky, I stared at the ice cubes melting in my glass and said the first thing that popped into my mind:

‘You know, you really shouldn’t wear leopard print to a wedding.’

I admit it wasn’t my most riveting conversation starter, but it was all that my sweaty brain could come up with. Since then my husband has been teasing me and whenever I wear animal print, which is often, he’ll say something along the lines of:

‘Nice outfit Hoskins but you’d better not be going to wedding.’

Despite the banality of my remark, I’ve since given it some thought and concluded that I was wrong and it was the 35 degree heat talking. I maintain that animal print doesn’t feel quite right for a formal church wedding, but there are are always exceptions – and I’m diametrically opposed to forcing arbitrary rules on personal style anyway.

I’ve been wearing a lot of animal print recently, as I’m bored with the heatwave and I’m looking forward to Autumn. I fancy mixing leopard and tiger prints with shades of cream, burnt orange, camel and chocolate brown. I found this dress by Ganni in the Shopbop.com end of season sale. I’d been lusting after it for ages, hoping it would go on sale. Because animal print is going to be a massive trend for AW18, most retailers didn’t discount it. There are still a few places where you can buy it, but sadly at full price. Ganni have done new version of this dress in a bold zebra print, which is also great. I love it because it’s comfortable, machine washable and will work nicely under a knitwear when it finally gets chilly. I’ve worn it with a very old pair of platforms and an even older belt, (similar here and here). My lipstick is by Nars in the shade¬†Give it Up.¬†


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